Content editor manual

X3 was developed to be simple and allow maximum flexibility.

It is normal that the first approach is a little frustrating but if you do not let down, after few sessions you will feel at home.

The interface 

The interface is full of items, we use icons for reasons of space (you can use X3 even with small screens).

After familiarizing yourself with the icons will all seem less obscure.


There are global icons:

Settings menù

Pages manager

Articles manager

Files mananger

Plugins manager

Widgets manager

Help on line

Edit user profile

Info about the server

Log out

To swith to another language

Debug mode status

Devel mode status

There are item's icons

Possible actions on each element are indicated with icons, the most common are the following:

To create a new item

To edit an item

To move an item

To enable or disable an item

To put the website online or offline

To configure an item

To manage sections in a page

To refresh or generate an item

Unlocked item: even simple editors can edit

Locked item: simple editors can't edit

To delete an item (deletion is always irreversible)

To close a dialog

There are plugin's icons

Possible special actions on plugins:

Info about the plugin

Plugins status: you can insert in article

Plugins status: you can't insert in article

To install a plugin

To uninstall a plugin

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