Login as administrator

To log in as administrator go to the admin area YOUR_DOMAIN/admin and insert your username and password.

Recovery password (since release)

Sometimes distracted administrators lose their passwords, now they can fix it themselves.

What if I enter wrong data

X3 check if you enter wrong data. After five failures you can't access even if you enter correct data.
You can reset deleting cookies.


If you enable LOGS in the config.php file all login and logout operations will be registered in the logs table.

Why login is so slow?

Every time you log in X3 refresh your permissions over each element (pages, articles, files and so on).
Your first log in can be a bit slow because X3 set your permissions according with your group's permissions.

And then?

After logging you view your personal area, your dashboard.

Each user can have different permissions and can have different menu.

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