Articles - Simple editing

NOTE: you can switch between SIMPLE and ADVANCED mode in SITE settings.
If you move from SIMPLE to ADVANCED you need to compose each page to put each article in the right section

In SIMPLE editing mode each page consists of a single article.
Click the Edit button opens the editor to the article which corresponds to a page.


Editor contains many fields. Before describing the form you need to know that the X3 CMS version articles.
Every time you edit a page or an article a new version of the article will be recorded.

Each article must have a name, if editing mode is SIMPLE the default is the name of the page.

On line you can see the latest active version which the time window contains the time of viewing.

Plugin and parameter

Each article may contain a plugin. Some examples: a photo gallery, a registration form etc...
The plugin can be selected from the list of plugins (installed and active in the area where you find the page you are editing).

Some plugins require a parameter to retrieve certain content (eg a photo gallery will be called by the name of the gallery to be added as parameter).

The editor

Editor content is Tiny MCE, a javascript editor that plays almost all the functions of an editor as Microsoft Word, you just know some small difference.

Tiny MCE is very powerful. Too powerful. For this reason X3 CMS provides a Tiny MCE configuration a little restrictive. However that may change. In particular publisher is restricted to use font and font color defined in the style sheet. Dangerous instruments in the hands of "extroverted" publishers.

What you need to know to use Tiny MCE

  • Content inserted are automatically converted to HTML.
  • ENTER creates a new paragraph (with its margin). If you want to wrap in the same paragraph should be done SHIFT + ENTER.
  • You can insert small pictures copying the image in the edit area.
  • You can insert links: internal links (have to start with the / slash), external links have to be complete (e.g.

What is good to avoid

  • Make too many entries, editing and formatting. Eventually the code is dirty and the result can be unpredictable. Prepare the text in your favorite editor and then copy (paste as text), then format it (titles, lists, arrays, bold etc..) then insert pictures and links.
  • Paste text copied from Word (or equivalent) or browser without using the paste text only (the paste button with T).

Last tip

Writing for the web is not like writing elsewhere. The use of titles, space and content organization follows different logic that you should know to achieve a pleasing and effective result.

Time window

Here you can define the time window of the article version. 
The start date is the date of creation (makes no sense to set an earlier date).The end date is blank.
If you left it blank the article will have a never ending time window.

Article history

You can see the history of each article and set the time window of more than one article so that at time T1 the system will show Article1, at time T2 the system will show Article2 and so on. 

Elements for the organization of the articles: Keys and Tags

Sometime could be useful group articles, X3CMS uses contexts and categories (used in  for main groups.

Keys and tags are for a more fine grained grouping, useful only with some plugins like x4highlight or x4get_by_key or X4blog.

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