Commercial License X3 CMS

If you just need to not view references to X3 CMS, this can be your solution.

This License, while maintaining the other characteristics of the GPL3, allows you to remove the link to X3 CMS Legal Notices and to from the public, private and admin templates.

The permission is valid for the lifetime of one specific domain name to use with all future versions of X3 CMS.

What you can't do with this license

  • Remove any copyrights from the codebase.
  • Transfer this license to anyone (another domain or owner).
  • Remove any copyrights in a site with a domain name different to the authorized one.

How much

  • One license 20 €
  • Five licenses 75 €
  • Ten licenses 100 €

If you are a partner you can buy the number of licenses that you want at the price of 8 € each.

How to do it

  1. Send an email to Include all contact information and the name of the domain(s) that this license will be applied to.
  2. Wait for a reply to make sure that the approval can be granted. The final price will also be included in the case of volume discounts.
  3. Make the payment using the Donate button on the right side of download page on this site. This will go through Paypal. Paypal does accept credit cards.
  4. Put the License code into the X3 CMS (Settings -> Site -> Edit -> License Code).

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