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X3 CMS is available under three different licenses:

  • GPL 3 (GPL 3)
    You must keep a convenient and prominently visible feature on every generated page that displays the X3 CMS Legal Notices.
    The required link to the X3 CMS Legal Notices must be static, visible and readable, and the text in the X3 CMS Legal Notices may not be altered.
    Read the GPL 3 and the X3 CMS Legal Notices.

  • Linkware
    Same as GPL, but instead of keeping a link to the X3 CMS Legal Notices, you must place a static, visible and readable link to with the text or an image stating "Powered by X3 CMS" on every generated page (place it in the template).
    Read the Linkware license.

  • Commercial license
    This license allow you to remove the "Powered by X3 CMS" and/or "X3 CMS Legal Notices" links at one specific domain from each generated page.
    This licence NOT protect you against the others copyleft requirements in GPL 3.
    Read more info about Commercial License.

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